About Us

Why make the World a better place?

Seedforfood develops and distributes the easiest sow-it-yourself vegetables on the market, in conjunction with Natuurmonumenten

Spirit of Sustainability

Don’t we all want to become more responsible for our environment? And more conscious about the food we eat? To be constructively critical about the origins and processing of what we eat and drink?
These profound needs were why Seedforfood decided to develop a line of honest natural products and introduce it into the market, green products that bring consumers closer to nature and where our food comes from. It is our way of promoting a better quality of food and of life.

Seedforfood wants to empower everyone to cultivate their own herbs and vegetables – right at home, without much fuss – with its inspirational Bag-to-Nature product line. Completely natural and recyclable. Because the world could use a little help.

Pure Passion

Passion means many things to us: fire, determination, desire, excitement, energy and love. Everything that grows and needs energy. But that is not enough. It won’t amount to much without desire and love. That is precisely why our passion for nature, combined with a love of good-tasting, healthy food, is the ideal seedbed for Seedforfood.

We are driven to seek out the best seeds and soils, so that you can achieve the best, most delicious results. Of course, you don’t have to share our passion to the same extent. As long as you care for the plants with love and attention, you will definitely reap the rewards.