Jan Janssen, Amsterdam

Within just days, the first green shoots of Lovely Lettuce appeared. It was great to watch it grow and flourish: each day, a different face. We enjoyed it for weeks and it tasted delicious. It’s good on a whole-wheat tuna salad sandwich, too!

Julia Snel, Wormerveer

My roommates and I have a contest going about who can make the most delicious meal. For weeks they wondered what it was that was growing in that pouch of mine. When I presented my pasta with shrimp, dried tomatoes and arugula, they had their answer. I was the winner – thanks to Awesome Arugula!

Rob Vonk, Hoogkarspel

My 90-year-old grandpa always talks about how radishes used to have more flavour. We grew the Rapid Radishes especially for him. And he had to admit: not everything was better back in the day!

Suzanne Hoogendijk, Arnhem

My daughter’s favourite recipe is tomatoes with mozzarella and basil. So I gave her a bag of Bizarre Basil. She watched – lovingly – as her own basil grew tall and then ate it with even more love. “Best-tasting basil ever!