Join the home grower movement and grow your own organic herbs and vegetables right at home. It’s not only healthy, but fun and easy with the Bag-to-Nature product line from Seedforfood, in conjunction with the Society for the Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands.

Nothing beats the taste of your own home-grown lettuce.

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Add a little pizazz to your life and enjoy your own Awesome Arugula every day.

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We want to get as many people as possible reconnected with where their food comes from, not just people with green thumbs, but, more importantly, those who like to keep their hands clean. Now, truly anyone can become a home grower.Jurjen Born, Seedforfood

You can watch them grow, those super delicious little rascals. Before you know it, you’ll be making a nice peppery salad with your own Rapid Radishes. Pure nature and nothing else.

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What we are really seeking is to deepen our connection to nature. It is my firm belief that you can become more in touch with yourself as a result.Erwin van der Laan, Seedforfood

You’ve never had anything so bizarre. Give your dishes that finishing touch quickly and easily with our Bizarre Basil.

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